Apple, Samsung to invest in SoftBank's Arm at IPO – Nikkei

Arm Ltd logo

In this illustration taken on March 6, 2023, a smartphone with the Arm Ltd logo is placed on a computer motherboard.

Tokyo–apple and Samsung Electronic products will invest Chip design company under SoftBank Group arm At the time of the initial public offering (initial public offering), expected in September, Japan Nikkei Index the newspaper reported Tuesday.

Reuters reported in June that arm Negotiations are ongoing with about ten companies, including apple, Samsung and Intel – aims to bring one or more anchors investor in the product.

Last month, Reuters and Other media reported that arm Negotiations are ongoing to introduce American chip design company NVIDIA as the main force investor listed in New York.

apple, SamsungNvidia and Intel All Plans invest exist arm Once listed, Nikkei Index explain.SoftBank subsidiary will formally apply to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and The exchange committee will conduct the listing later this month, the newspaper said.

arm The newspaper said it planned to sell “a few percentage points each” of the chipmaker's shares.

SoftBank declined to comment. apple and Intel did not immediately respond to Reuters' request for comment. Samsung and Nvidia declined to comment.

long awaited initial public offering Seen as a potential windfall for SoftBank founder and CEO of Masayoshi Son’s massive technology conglomerate.

SoftBank has been committed to going public arm Last year, the company's deal to sell its chip design company to Nvidia collapsed due to opposition from antitrust regulators.

Planned U.S. listing could raise $8 billion and Sources told Reuters in April that it was worth $10 billion. At Tuesday’s earnings release, SoftBank's The chief financial officer did not provide details on a listing date or fundraising target, but said preparations were going “very well.”

SoftBank posted an unexpected loss on Tuesday but said it was reinvesting in new businesses investIts Vision Fund unit turned a profit for the first time in six quarters.

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