American Rebel names new CEO for Champion Safe subsidiary

NASHVILLE – American Rebel Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: AREB), a company specializing in safes and personal security products, announced the appointment of Thomas Mihalek as Chief Executive Officer of its subsidiary, Champion Safe Co. Strategic Advisor at Champion Safe.

Mihalek's appointment follows American Rebel's consolidation of Champion Safe operations and regional distribution locations in an effort to increase revenue and market share. As CEO, he will report to Corey Lambrecht, chief operating officer of American Rebel Holdings. Lambrecht praised Mihalek's manufacturing and sales expertise as critical to Champion Safe's leadership position.

American Rebel Chairman and CEO Andy Ross emphasized the company's commitment to the Second Amendment and its expansion into the beverage industry with the launch of American Rebel beer. He is confident in Mihalek's ability to lead Champion Safe in a manner consistent with the company's patriotic brand values.

Mihalek expressed enthusiasm for the position, plans to accelerate the launch of American Rebel brand safes and interact with consumers and dealers at the upcoming NRA show in Dallas. Known for its American-made steel gun safes since 1999, Champion Safe aims to expand its product range while maintaining its focus on quality.

American Rebel also mentioned its ongoing Reg A+ offering, inviting interested investors to participate. However, the company warned that investing in American Rebel involves significant risks and potential illiquidity.

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Investment Professional Insights

As American Rebel Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: AREB) enters a new era under the leadership of Champion Safe Co.'s Thomas Mihalek, the company's financials and market performance will be important for investors monitoring the transition. It's important. InvestingPro's latest metrics shed light on the company's current financial health.

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With a market capitalization of just $1.79 million, American Rebel is navigating the competitive landscape at a lean valuation. This is reflected in its price-to-book multiple, which stood at 0.3 for the trailing 12 months to Q4 2023, indicating the stock's low valuation relative to the company's book value. This may appeal to value-oriented investors, especially considering the company's revenue grew significantly by 92.06% during the same period.

InvestingPro Tips highlights that American Rebel operates with a heavy debt load and may struggle to make interest payments, which is an issue for long-term sustainability. On the bright side, analysts expect sales growth this year, which could signal a positive trajectory for the company's revenue stream.

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Also worth noting is the company's stock performance, with the total share price return recovering significantly last week to 18.94%. This may reflect market optimism about the appointment of a new CEO and the potential for future growth plans.

All in all, while American Rebel faces debt and profitability challenges, Thomas Mihalek's recent appointment and the company's revenue growth prospects could lead to new opportunities for the company and its investors.

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