CATL and Beijing Hyundai sign electric vehicle battery strategic agreement

Beijing, April 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Open April 25, 2024, CATL (SZ:300750) Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Hyundai (OTC: ) at the 2024 China International Auto Show Cooperate with Beijing Hyundai's electric vehicle project and use CATL batteries to power Beijing Hyundai's future electric models.

As a joint venture with profound global influence China In the past 21 years, Beijing Hyundai Motor sales exceeded 12 million units China, proving reliable vehicle manufacturing capabilities. Since cooperating with CATL in 2017, Beijing Hyundai has launched a series of best-selling models, with cumulative sales exceeding 200,000 vehicles.

With the implementation of the new agreement, Beijing Hyundai expects to launch more than 10 world-leading models equipped with the latest battery technologies such as CATL’s CTP and NP. CATL will leverage its technological advantages to work with Beijing Hyundai to create high-quality automotive products and support Beijing Hyundai's business growth. China. The shared focus on product development ensures a win-win situation for both companies.

Over the past few years, CATL has established and strengthened its cooperative relationship with Hyundai Motor.exist October 2021, Ningde era Signed a technology license and cooperation agreement with Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd. (MOBIS). CATL will introduce and disclose its CTP (cell to pack) technology to Mobis and support Mobis in supplying related CTP products. South Koreaand also all over the world.

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