Shanghai Electric releases ESG report, highlighting sustainable development achievements in 2023

  • Standard coal consumption was reduced by 3,234 tons, and carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by 8,409 tons. Water consumption reduced by 40%.
  • The company’s investment in environmental protection has increased to 70 million yuan.
  • Shanghai Electric We continue to lead green technology, achieve multiple breakthroughs in low-carbon technology innovation, and R&B investment reaches a five-year high.

Shanghai, April 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/—— Shanghai Electric (Hong Kong Stock Exchange stock code: 2727, Shanghai Stock Exchange stock code: 601727) announced that the company has released the 2023 version of its environmental, social and governance report, focusing on the company's latest efforts in promoting sustainable development of corporate operations throughout the year.The latest report, the eighth since the first was released in 2016, outlines Shanghai Electric's The three major business areas of energy equipment, industrial equipment, and comprehensive services have achieved technological milestones, assisting countries around the world in their green and low-carbon transformation. China, Pakistan,as well as United Arab Emirates.

In Shanghai ElectricWe put green technological innovation first, accelerate low-carbon development, focus on ecological investment, and strengthen our role in addressing global climate issues. Last year, we expanded our cooperation on green projects such as transportation, energy and infrastructure to help stimulate economic growth while minimizing environmental impact. 2023, Shanghai Electric Continue to take action to support United Nations' 2030 agenda Sustainable developmentby supporting international communication on the climate crisis Twenty-eighth meeting of the Conference of the Parties and make an effective contribution to decarbonization. Wu LeiPresident Shanghai Electric.

Technological innovation promotes significant progress in sustainable development

in the past year, Shanghai Electric Increase investment in developing new technologies and products to drive decarbonization and global climate protection. In 2023, the company’s R&D expenditure will reach 5.381 billion yuanthe highest in the past five years. Shanghai Electric's Recent investments in heterojunction (HJT) technology and N-type bifacial modules have strengthened its solar product portfolio, with the R&B investment ratio increasing to 33.5%. In 2023, the launch of a series of new products such as the 16MW offshore wind turbine of the Poseidon platform, the 500kW container-type vanadium flow energy storage system, and the 2000Nm3/H alkaline electrolyzer will further fuel the Shanghai Electric's Technical strength. R&B's efforts resulted in the company receiving 2,931 patents.

“2023 is a year of innovation Shanghai Electric. We believe that technology is the primary productive force that drives enterprises forward, so we are strengthening our position in the green energy industry, focusing on the development of energy equipment, industrial equipment and comprehensive services, and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading. Liu Pingpresident of Shanghai Electric.

2023, Shanghai Electric Leverage strategic advantages and industrial expertise to provide green solutions for more energy and industrial enterprises and contribute to low-carbon green transformation and development. Shanghai Electric Participated in the construction of the world's first fourth-generation nuclear power plant and an ultra-supercritical double-reheat coal-fired generating unit that broke the world's low coal consumption record. also, Shanghai Electric's The world's first integrated floating wind and fishery project landmark project will be completed within the year, and the solution will enable green transformation Chinathis United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Serbia, Malaysiathis U.K., Uzbekistanand more.

Diversified career paths empower employees with career development

Shanghai Electric Continuously increase learning and career development opportunities for employees and provide skills upgrading and retraining programs to benefit employees. The company cultivates an inclusive culture to ensure that employees continue to grow and adapt in a rapidly changing global landscape. In 2023, the company will organize training and training for young and middle-aged management and technical personnel, publish a white paper on occupational health management, take measures to strengthen awareness of production safety, organize a series of activities to enrich employee experience and improve their employability.

Support community development and improve local people’s livelihood

2023, Shanghai Electric invest 30.433 billion yuan In supporting rural construction China Donations from the company and its subsidiaries are used to improve local infrastructure and people’s livelihood. 5.088 million yuan.exist Dubai, Shanghai Electric Work with local communities to develop an HSE (health, safety and environment) management system, aiming to improve the ecological environment and biodiversity in the area around Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park.

For communities near the Thar Integrated Coal Mine and Power Project Pakistan Those affected by natural disasters, Shanghai Electric Air conditioning and computers were provided, and a 10,000-square-meter hospital was built. Local residents called it a “mobile hospital.” During Eid al-Fitr 2024, Shanghai Electric Food and vegetables are also donated to neighboring villages as part of an initiative to connect local communities and promote multiculturalism.

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