Astec Industries sets quarterly dividend at $0.13 per share

Chattanooga, Tennessee – Yada Industry , Inc. (NASDAQ: ), a manufacturer of specialty equipment for asphalt road construction, aggregate processing and concrete production, announced a quarterly dividend of $0.13 per share. The dividend is scheduled to be paid on May 31, 2024 to shareholders of record at the close of business on May 13, 2024.

The announcement is part of the company's regular shareholder return policy. Astec operates two main business segments: Infrastructure Solutions, which includes road construction, asphalt and concrete plants, thermal energy and storage solutions; and Materials Solutions, which includes aggregate processing equipment.

Astec Industries is present on various social media platforms to share company news and industry-related information. The company is committed to maintaining open lines of communication with investors, as evidenced by its active social media engagement and providing direct contact to its Senior Vice President of Investor Relations, Stephen C. Anderson.

This dividend payment is a continuation of Yada's practice of providing shareholder value and is based on the company's financial performance and prospects. Dividends are a way for companies to distribute part of their earnings to shareholders. The amount of dividends can reflect the company's financial condition and the board of directors' confidence in future earnings.

Astec's dividend policy is subject to change because it is affected by a variety of factors, including the company's financial performance, capital requirements and market conditions. Regular dividends are often viewed by shareholders as a sign of a company's stability and profitability, and as a source of income for investors.

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This dividend announcement is based on Astec Industries, Inc.'s press release.

Investment Professional Insights

Astec Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASTE ) recently announced a quarterly dividend, demonstrating confidence in the company's financial stability and commitment to shareholder returns. The move is consistent with the company's history of paying dividends. Here are some key indicators and tips from InvestingPro that can give you a deeper understanding of Astec's financial health and future prospects:

Investment professional data:

  • Market value: Yada's adjusted market value is US$976.15 million, reflecting its scale in the professional equipment manufacturing field.
  • Price to Earnings Ratio: The current P/E ratio is 29.1 and the trailing twelve-month adjusted P/E ratio is 14.23 through the fourth quarter of 2023, which may indicate the stock's valuation relative to earnings.
  • Revenue Growth: The company's revenue grew 5.0% in the trailing 12 months ended Q4 2023, demonstrating its ability to grow sales over time.

Tips from investment experts:

  • Yada has performed strongly over the past three months, with a total return of 17.86%, reflecting positive market sentiment.
  • The company's current assets exceed its short-term debt, showing that it is in a strong financial position to handle its immediate liabilities.

These InvestingPro tips, along with 5 other tips available on InvestingPro (, can help investors fully understand Astec's financial health and make informed investment decisions.For those who want to delve deeper, use the coupon code PRONEWS24 Annual or biennial Pro and Pro+ subscriptions receive an additional 10% discount.

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Astec is about to report earnings on May 1, 2024, which will provide further clarity on the company's financial trajectory and may affect future dividend policy. With a track record of raising dividends for three consecutive years and maintaining dividend payments for 13 consecutive years, Astec appears committed to continuing to reward shareholders.

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