Alphabet director Frances Arnold sells more than $13,000 worth of stock

In a recent transaction, Alphabet (NASDAQ: ) Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG ) director Frances Arnold sold 80 shares of the company's Class C stock, generating a gain of over $13,000 . The shares sold for $167.38 each.

The sale was reported on Form 4 filed with the SEC on April 30, 2024. Documents show that after the transaction was completed, Arnold still held a large number of shares, including 15,551 Class C shares.

The transaction was executed pursuant to Arnold's Rule 10b5-1 Trading Plan adopted on February 23, 2023.

In addition to his current holdings of Class C capital stock, Arnold also owns interests in various Class C Google Stock Units (GSUs). A footnote in the filing indicates that those GSUs will vest monthly, depending on whether she continues to serve on Alphabet's board of directors.

The Arnold sale report gives investors insight into the trading activity of Alphabet insiders and can be considered within the broader context of the company's stock performance and market trends.

Investment Professional Insights

Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG ) recently saw a director sell stock, which often prompts investors to take a closer look at a company's financial health and market position. Alphabet has a strong market capitalization of approximately $2.03 trillion, according to InvestingPro, reflecting its significant position in the market. The company's P/E ratio is 24.92, which has revised slightly to 23.61 when considering the trailing twelve months to Q1 2024, indicating a potentially attractive valuation relative to its earnings.

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An encouraging sign for potential investors is Alphabet's revenue growth, which was reported to have increased 11.78% in the trailing 12 months to the first quarter of 2024. This growth is further evidenced by its strong and expanding financial position. In addition, the company's return on assets for the same period was an impressive 21.22%, showing that its assets are effectively utilized to generate income.

InvestingPro Tips highlights several key points about Alphabet, including that the company holds more cash than debt on its balance sheet, which is a strong indicator of financial stability. Additionally, 29 analysts have upgraded earnings for the period ahead, indicating a positive outlook for the company's future performance. For investors looking for a more in-depth analysis, additional InvestingPro Tips are available, providing a comprehensive view of Alphabet's financial and market conditions.Use coupon code PRONEWS24 Get an additional 10% off with an annual or bi-annual Pro and Pro+ subscription and discover a full suite of insights to inform your investment strategy.

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