Biomerica signs deal with UAE for cancer detection products

Irvine, California – bioamerican inc. . (Nasdaq: ) announced an exclusive multi-year distribution agreement with a leading healthcare group in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to increase cancer detection through the use of its home screening products. The agreement includes distribution of Biomerica's EZ Detect™, a colorectal disease screening test, and Aware®, a device designed to aid breast self-examination.

EZ Detect™ is a simple, FDA-approved two-minute test that can be performed at home without the need to handle stool. It can detect occult blood in stool, an early indicator of colorectal cancer, the third most common cancer worldwide. Dubai Healthcare Authority recently approved insurance reimbursement for EZ Detect™, increasing its affordability and accessibility in the UAE.

Aware® is another FDA-approved product from Biomerica that increases the sensitivity of breast self-exams, an important early detection method for breast cancer. Early detection is crucial because approximately 80% of breast cancers are detected in women who notice changes in their breasts, and when cancer is caught early, survival rates can be as high as 99%.

The first orders for EZ Detect™ and Aware® have been placed, marking the beginning of the partnership. The collaboration aims to integrate these tests into national health protocols and improve proactive health management in the Middle East.

Biomerica CEO Zack Irani emphasized the importance of the collaboration, saying it supports the shift toward proactive health management and is consistent with the company's commitment to early cancer detection. The strategic alliance is expected to enhance the distribution of Biomerica health screening tools in the UAE and potentially introduce additional products to the region.

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The move comes in response to the high incidence of colorectal cancer, which is the second leading cause of cancer death in the UAE. The test is designed to encourage regular screening and early detection, which is crucial in the fight against cancer.

Information about this collaboration and the products involved is based on press release statements from Biomerica, Inc.

Investment Professional Insights

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