Clarivate BioWorld explores the future of CAT therapy in mainland China in special report

Three-part report examines rapid pipeline growth, partnerships, clinical trials, and patient access challenges in cancer care.

London, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Published by BioWorld™ Clarivate Analytics The world's leading provider of transformative intelligence (NYSE: CLVT) explores China's growing investment in CAR T therapy development China In a project called “China's The CAR T market has matured. Chinaincluding rapid pipeline growth, deals, clinical trials and challenging issues surrounding patient access to very expensive and effective cancer treatments.

CAR T (chimeric antigen receptor T-cell) therapy represents a revolutionary approach to cancer treatment that harnesses the power of the human immune system to target and destroy cancer cells. As this breakthrough treatment gains traction in the pharmaceutical world, a BioWorld special report provides valuable insight into its current status and future potential.The author of the report is Tamra Sami, Rukita Kumarand Sahil Aroracovering three key topics:

  • first part: China's Researchers trial speeds up competing CAR T development
    exponential growth China's CAR T market expected to surge $72 million 2022 will reach an impressive $342 million over the next ten years. With more than 400 CAR T therapies currently in development, driven by strategic collaborations between multinational pharmaceutical giants and local biotech companies, the segment is expected to bring unprecedented growth and innovation opportunities.
  • Part 2: The CAR T pipeline is booming to treat the world’s largest cancer population
    as January 31, 2024there are more than 300 CAR T trials in China,Beyond the us Become the country with the most clinical trials of CAR T therapy. Among them, CD19 is the most frequently studied target. Rapid development of CAR T-cell therapies China From the start of the first clinical trials in 2013 to the country becoming an established host of CAR T cell-related trials in 2017, there have been continuous upgrades over the past decade.
  • the third part: China Efforts to provide CAR T therapy
    The manufacturing process for autologous T-cell therapies is technically challenging compared to other oncology drugs, making the overall cost of developing CAR T therapies significantly higher.Drug reimbursement environment is challenging China This also means that most patients must pay out of pocket to obtain CAR T therapy. All in all, complex logistics “production, manufacturing and supply chains” and complex management requirements are key bottlenecks that increase the input costs required to develop these specialized treatment solutions.

Lynn JoffeBioWorld’s publisher stated: “China's While countries grapple with complex licensing and patent rights challenges, the quest to become a world leader in biopharmaceutical innovation may be gaining momentum. One thing is clear: China Currently, it is the leader in the most clinical trials of CAR T therapy, exceeding us Considering how patients will pay for these expensive treatments out of pocket China's Problems remain with the challenging reimbursement system. A BioWorld special report examines how CAR T development is maturing in a country with the world's second-largest population.

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