The end of Binance in Europe?Press coin version

  • The regulatory challenges Binance faces in France could set a precedent for its operations in the EU.
  • Changpeng Zhao’s legal troubles further complicate Binance’s regulatory position in Europe.
  • The outcome of Binance’s legal proceedings will affect the regulation of the European cryptocurrency market.

Regulatory tightening in Europe threatens Binance’s ability to penetrate this dynamic market. The upcoming European cryptocurrency regulation MiCA could be a turning point for Binance’s agency arm in the EU.

Amid these regulatory challenges, Binance’s significant operations in France have come under scrutiny. Although its subsidiary Binance France is registered with the Financial Markets Authority (AMF), concerns have been raised due to the involvement of a convicted criminal as the sole shareholder. This raised doubts about Binance’s eligibility to obtain the MiCA license needed to continue its European operations.

William O'Rorke, a lawyer who specializes in cryptocurrency law, stressed the importance of the issue and said France's ban on Binance could trigger a chain reaction in other EU countries. Binance faces height…

News that CZ owns 100% of Binance in France threatens EU access: The end of Binance in Europe? First appeared on Coin Edition.

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