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TROY, MI – Altair (NASDAQ: ALTR), a company specializing in computational intelligence, announced the acquisition of Research in Flight, the developer of FlightStream®, a widely used Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software for the aerospace and defense industry. The move is designed to enhance Altair's product portfolio with advanced aerodynamic analysis capabilities.

FlightStream® is recognized for its fast computation speed, low hardware requirements, and user-friendly interface. It is designed to support engineers and designers with rapid design iterations and comprehensive aerodynamic studies. The software is capable of handling a wide range of flow conditions from subsonic to supersonic speeds, including complex aerodynamic phenomena.

Altair founder and CEO James R. Scapa highlighted the company's growth in the aerospace and defense sectors, attributing it to its leading computing intelligence solutions. He said the addition of FlightStream® will enhance their ability to meet complex customer needs, particularly in the emerging urban air mobility and electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) sectors.

FlightStream® provides unique capabilities for analyzing unconventional aircraft designs, including surface vorticity, flow separation and viscosity analysis. It also incorporates integral boundary layer modeling, allowing detailed examination of viscous effects to aid in design optimization.

Research in Flight co-founder Vivek Ahuja is proud that FlightStream® has become a standard tool for aircraft designers and expects that joining Altair will expand its impact to benefit more engineers.

FlightStream® is approved for use on the U.S. Air Force network and is used by NASA Ames and Langley Research Centers and the U.S. Army. The software will be integrated into Altair's HyperWorks® design and simulation platform and will be accessible through Altair Units.

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This acquisition is part of Altair's ongoing efforts to provide comprehensive solutions to various industries, designed to enhance competitive advantage and support smarter decision-making, while contributing to a more sustainable future. This information is based on a press release.

Investment Professional Insights

Altair (NASDAQ: ALTR ) strengthened its position in the aerospace and defense sector with the acquisition of Research in Flight, and its financial metrics provide a window into the company's investment profile. Altair's market capitalization is as high as $6.68 billion, reflecting investor confidence and the scale of its operations. The company's revenue growth remains positive, up 7.07% in the trailing 12 months to Q4 2023, indicating stable market expansion and likely fueled by recent acquisitions.

InvestingPro Tips suggests that while Altair's price-to-earnings ratio looks high at -729.73, and even more so on a trailing twelve-month adjusted basis at -1239.68, these numbers should be weighed against the company's long-term growth potential in the computing space Viewed in context. Gross margin, another key metric, is an impressive 80.12%, which demonstrates Altair's ability to maintain operating profitability.

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As our next earnings report date approaches (May 2, 2024), stakeholders and potential investors will be closely watching how the integration of FlightStream® impacts Altair's financial trajectory and whether it strengthens the company's position in a highly competitive industry. Innovation advantage.

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