Here’s how to protect your portfolio from today’s potentially hawkish Fed – Concerns are growing that Jerome Powell may shift to a more hawkish stance at his press conference this afternoon, given that recent economic data, particularly on inflation, has been worse than expected.

The move could dampen stock market gains this year, putting pressure on investment portfolios, given that markets have turned early since the start of the year.

In high-risk environments, Savvy investors are aggressively cashing in on this year's gains and shifting strategies More defensive, dividend-paying stocks during this period.

However, it was found rock solid stock Fighting market declines and However, paying high dividends is no small task. That's where our ProPicks AI tool's Top Value Stock Strategy comes into play.

for just below only $9 per month, Investors can access our monthly updated list powered by artificial intelligence Top 20 U.S.-listed stocks are considered undervalued and poised for solid gains. These stocks guarantee stability and continued growth through good times and bad, making them a solid bet against rising volatility.

But how does our predictive AI find such winners?

By bringing together multiple factors, including the long-term history of the stock market and state-of-the-art fundamental analysis, our artificial intelligence, ProPicks, ensures that stocks are factored in before they move higher, resulting in huge gains for our users.

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In fact, our followers Top Value Strategies This year, several stocks have posted big gains with low volatility, such as:

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  • Vistra Energy Corporation (NYSE: ) – up 96.9% this year.
  • Williams-Sonoma (NYSE:) – Up 42% this year.

These are just a few examples of the broader selection of top value stocks that ProPicks brings to you.

In fact, historical data shows that our strategy will beat more than 707% over the past 10 years while maintaining relatively low risk exposure, as shown in the chart below:Highest Value Stocks vs. Rest of the S&P 500 Index

The takeaway here is clear: AI has changed stock investing forever, and you have absolutely no reason to risk your hard-earned money by trading without the superhuman power of AI.

Join the revolution now for less than $9 a month and keep your portfolio one step ahead of the market.

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