Jacobio Pharma Announces Its KRAS G12C Inhibitor Meets Primary Endpoint

Beijing and Shanghai and boston, April 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Glaxopharma (1167.HK) announced that data from the Phase II registration study of the KRAS G12C inhibitor glicirasib were officially reported at the ASCO plenary meeting held online in April.

professor. Yuankaishichief physician Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer HospitalThe principal investigator of this clinical trial presented the data in an online oral presentation (Abstract 468214).

Efficacy data show that among second-line non-small cell lung cancer patients who received monotherapy, the confirmed objective response rate (cORR) was 47.9% (56/117), of which 4 patients achieved complete response (CR) and 36 patients achieved complete response. (CR). The disease control rate (DCR) is 86.3%.

The median progression-free survival (mPFS) was 8.2 months, and the median overall survival (mOS) was 13.6 months. Median duration of response (mDoR) has not been reached: DOR rates at 6 and 12 months were 73.6% and 56.6%, respectively.

Safety data indicate that glecirasib has a manageable safety profile. No grade 5 treatment-related adverse events (TRAEs) were observed, and only 5.0% of patients discontinued treatment due to TRAEs. Gleciasib has favorable gastrointestinal (GI) properties compared with other KRAS G12C inhibitors.

“If glecirasib can match or even bypass current efficacy data and overall improve side effects, the drug will be an attractive treatment option.” commented Julia Lotto,Medical PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, who criticized the glecirasib findings. Glecirasib's unique toxicity profile may offer potential in combination with drugs that cannot be easily combined with other existing KRAS G12C inhibitors due to overlapping toxicities, she said.

“The trend in lung cancer treatment is to reduce the use of chemotherapy. Currently, chemotherapy such as docetaxel is the main second-line treatment for lung cancer patients carrying KRAS G12C mutations who have failed first-line treatment. China. The ORR was 14%, mPFS was 3.0 months, and OS was 9.1 months. Existing clinical data shows that glecirasib is more effective and safer than chemotherapy, and is expected to bring more treatment options to patients. Yuankaishi.

About Gracielaxibu

Glecirasib is a KRAS G12C inhibitor developed by Jacobio. Multiple Phase I/II clinical trials of glecirasib are currently underway China, USA and Europe It is suitable for patients with advanced solid tumors carrying KRAS G12C mutations.Includes a pivotal clinical trial in NSCLC China; A study of first-line treatment of STK11 co-mutated NSCLC, and combination therapy trials SHP2 The inhibitor JAB-3312 is used to treat non-small cell lung cancer, and combined with cetuximab to treat colorectal cancer.Pancreatic cancer indication has obtained orphan drug designation USA and breakthrough therapy designation China.

About Jacobio

Jakosi Pharmaceuticals (1167.HK) is committed to developing and providing new innovative products and solutions to improve people's health. Our pipeline is centered around novel molecular targets of six major signaling pathways: KRAS, immune checkpoints, tumor metabolism, P53, RB and MYC. Key projects strive to rank among the top three in the world. Our vision is to work with our partners to become a recognized and impactful global leader in drug discovery and development. Jacobio has R&D centers in the following regions Beijing, Shanghai and boston with our Induced Allosteric Drug Discovery (NASDAQ: IADDP) platform and our iADC platform.

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