Michael Saylor’s Bitcoin leverage strategy turns $1 in revenue into $400 million in profits (on a per-token basis)

  • Saylor's strategic stock sales took advantage of MicroStrategy's soaring value and demonstrated shrewd financial planning.
  • Bitcoin’s volatility highlights the changing dynamics between traditional finance and cryptocurrency markets.
  • MicroStrategy's premium relative to Bitcoin raises questions about investor sentiment versus fundamentals.

There are reports that Michael Saylor, executive chairman and co-founder of MicroStrategy, devised a brilliant financial plan that involved using Bitcoin investments to convert $1 in revenue into as much as $400 million in profits. The acquisition spree Thaler planned for 2020 proved to be very beneficial, generating huge gains for both the company and himself.

Saylor's shrewd moves included pre-planned daily sales of MicroStrategy stock, totaling about 5,000 shares. The sales, stemming from options granted in 2014, coincided with a surge in MicroStrategy's stock price, which has doubled this year to a record high of $1,195. The gains even surpassed Bitcoin's record gains and reflected investors' confidence in Saylor's leadership and MicroStrategy's trajectory.

Investors are concerned that Thaler could be sold at…

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