Supermicro adds 3 new manufacturing facilities in Silicon Valley and globally to support development of artificial intelligence and enterprise rack-scale liquid cooling solutions

Expanded manufacturing aims to more than double global liquid-cooled rack capacity, currently shipping 1,000 AI super clusters per month

San Jose, California, June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/—— Super Micro Corporation (NASDAQ: SMCI)a comprehensive IT solution provider of artificial intelligence, cloud, storage and 5G/edge, continues to expand Silicon Valley As demand for liquid-cooled data centers increases, new campuses continue to emerge. The new facility will be part of a new liquid cooling ecosystem, reducing the time it takes to deliver products to customers around the world. These new facilities will focus on delivering complete plug-and-play liquid cooling solutions from systems to racks to water towers. As AI factories become more commonplace, liquid-cooled data centers are critical to meeting growing customer demand for AI-centric workloads. Liquid-cooled data centers increase AI computing performance per watt, thereby increasing the performance of each data center. In addition, compared with traditional air-cooled data centers, power consumption and environmental impact are also reduced, and operating expenses can be reduced by up to 40%.

“Supermicro has the highest performance generative deep learning and inference artificial intelligence platforms and clusters, benefiting from liquid cooling technology,” said Tony Leung, President and CEO of Advanced Micro Devices. “Many data center owners are looking for power-efficient direct liquid cooling solutions. Supermicro is developing building block liquid cooling solutions for the AI ​​factory and HPC markets. We expect liquid-cooled data centers to grow from less than 1% historically To account for 15% to 30% of all data center installations expected in the next two years, we will be able to capture the majority of this growth, with new data centers operating more efficiently, reducing their carbon footprint, and enabling virtualization . Compared with air-cooled data centers, it is free and reduces power consumption over time, resulting in significant operating cost savings.

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“We are excited about Supermicro's expansion in: saint joseph and take the lead in reducing the impact of data centers,” said Matt Mahanmayor San Jose, California “Supermicro represents the best Silicon Valley As a company that continues to push the boundaries of technology and sustainability.

As a total solution provider, Supermicro provides all components required for efficient and optimized liquid cooling solutions. From Supermicro optimized cold plates to coolant distribution manifolds (CDMs) to redundant coolant distribution units (CDUs) and even external cooling towers, the entire end-to-end solution is designed and tested by Supermicro engineers to achieve higher Quality solutions that enable organizations to become more productive faster.

Many Supermicro servers are designed specifically for high-performance NVIDIA (NASDAQ:) GPUs for AI processing, such as the extremely high-density 4U-8 GPU system, the Intel (NASDAQ:) CPU-based SYS-421GE-TNHR2-LCC or the AMD (NASDAQ:)-based NASDAQ:) CPU AS-4125GS-TNHR2-LCC. Additionally, many Supermicro servers, such as the popular 8U-8GPU system, and the NVIDIA-based 1U ARS-111GL-NHR-LCC, including the Grace Hopper Superchip, support liquid cooling. Liquid-cooled servers include the 8U-20-node SuperBlade®, which offers the highest CPU and GPU computing density available today. The 2U-4-node Supermicro BigTwin ® and 4U-8-node FatTwin ® multi-node servers are optimized for liquid cooling and are now in high-volume production.

Supermicro continues to work closely with data center operators to match the right server technology with demanding workloads, which is unique to each organization and cloud service provider. Many of these application-optimized servers are designed to be liquid-cooled, reducing overall data center operating costs.

Many customers have limited experience handling liquids within data centers and require suppliers to perform installation and acceptance testing as well as future maintenance and warranty services. On-site support is critical, and Supermicro's service organization is highly trained in liquid cooling deployments.

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Supermicro (NASDAQ: SMCI) is a global leader in application-optimized total IT solutions. Founded and operated in San Jose, California, Supermicro is committed to delivering first-to-market innovations for enterprise, cloud, artificial intelligence and 5G telecom/edge IT infrastructure. We are a total IT solutions manufacturer providing servers, artificial intelligence, storage, IoT, switch systems, software and support services. Supermicro's motherboard, power supply and chassis design expertise further supports our development and production to enable next-generation innovation from cloud to edge for our customers around the world. Our products are designed and manufactured in-house (in the United States, Taiwanand Dutch), leveraging global operations to achieve scale and efficiency, and optimizing to increase total cost of ownership and reduce environmental impact (green computing). The award-winning Server Building Block Solutions® portfolio allows customers to optimize their exact workloads and applications by selecting from a broad family of systems built with our flexible and reusable building blocks , these building blocks support a comprehensive range of form factors, processors, memory, GPU, storage, networking, power and cooling solutions (air conditioning, natural air or liquid cooling).

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